Storm Endurance

I love cycling. There's no way to say it better than Patrick Brady did in Peloton Magazine's 2011 photo annual. "Think back to the first time you rode a bicycle. Not the first time you rode with training wheels or the first time someone held you up as you half pedaled, half coasted, but the first time you pedaled away under your own steam. It was a magical moment wasn't it? The world zipped by as you held the handlebar in your hands and idd a little dance with your feet." I can't say it any better than that, so with that some images from this weekends very long day of covering the Storm Endurance race in Sanford, NC.


Cyclocross in Roanoke, Virginia

A while back I was shooting the Carvins Cove XC race and Troy and Tyler Smith gave me a ride to the track because the walk was longer than expected. While talking, Troy told me that Tyler had broken his arm during a multi-racer pileup during the Atlanta Nationals road race. I've spent time with them on race days for the past few months and have really shooting with them. At eleven-years-old Tyler took second in the Bedford mountain bike series for the under 18 range. He also beat almost everyone in the C-class at Saturday's cyclocross race. Tyler is a 3rd generation cyclist and racer, his dad raced and so did his grandfather. Most images below are just stuff from Saturday's time at the Freakout at Fallon, not everything is of Tyler.