Chatham, Va. for the Washington Post

A while back I got to spend two days in Chatham, Va. for the Washington Post. First, I love two day assignments. When the editor says those rare words, "two days" I relish it. The first day was spent getting up to speed and making the contacts that I needed. I took a few frames, but I spent the majority of the day wrapping my head around the issue and making sure I knew what was going on before launching into it.

Chatham, Va. has a 119 million pound uranium deposit under a hill. I stood there and heard a geiger counter go bananas. The town is wrestling with whether or not to support a lift on the moratorium for uranium mining. One side is worried about long-term health effects, local economy influences and what it would mean for the area. The other side says it will bring in tax revenue, jobs and prosperity. And for now the town is left to argue amongst itself.

I spent my time photographing the parties involved. Unfortunately for me the site where the uranium currently sits is just an empty field, so I had to photograph involved parties in hopes that I put what is currently an invisible issue a face.


Grundy Va. for The Washington Post

I still remember getting the phone call about this assignment. The editor told me I'd be meeting up with a truck driver in Grundy (4 hours away). I called the guy and he said to meet him at 4am at a McDonalds. That meant I'd leave Roanoke at about midnight at a minimum. I got lucky and it got called off because he couldn't have me ride along in the morning. But as luck would have it I ran into him at a Hardees mid-day and was able to get the pictures that had been written off.


VT Corps of Cadets for the Wasington Post

Last month I got to hang out for a day with the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. The program has had immense growth over the past years and this year is at it's highest level since it became optional to join the corps. For those who've never been to VT, the corps is one of the outward defining faces for the university and it plays an important role in campus life. Link to the Story.

NACCC 2012 in Richmond, Virginia

During the last week of May I went to Richmond, Va. for the North American cycle Courier Championships. I had a lot of fun working on my cycling project and hanging out with a wide variety of cyclists. The super-chill crew let me do my thing and was down for most of it.


Cyclocross in Roanoke, Virginia

A while back I was shooting the Carvins Cove XC race and Troy and Tyler Smith gave me a ride to the track because the walk was longer than expected. While talking, Troy told me that Tyler had broken his arm during a multi-racer pileup during the Atlanta Nationals road race. I've spent time with them on race days for the past few months and have really shooting with them. At eleven-years-old Tyler took second in the Bedford mountain bike series for the under 18 range. He also beat almost everyone in the C-class at Saturday's cyclocross race. Tyler is a 3rd generation cyclist and racer, his dad raced and so did his grandfather. Most images below are just stuff from Saturday's time at the Freakout at Fallon, not everything is of Tyler.


Move in Day

I've been wanting to post to the blog here recently but a lot of what I've been shooting is podium events and classroom type stuff. I knew I had stuff laying around the archive that I hadn't posted I just couldn't figure out what it was. These are all images from the move-in day here at Virginia Tech. It was fun watching all the different families, one mother talked to me while leaning on a refrigerator and mocked some other parents for being too clingy. The original intent of the assignment was to document the football team help students move in. I watched as some jumped in and were a genuine help, but others found the local TV station and commandeered a microphone.


Virginia Tech Vs. Appalachian State

I'm a few weeks behind on blogging, but I'm trying to get caught up. I shot my first Virginia Tech football game 2 weeks ago and I was surprisingly nervous. I'd like to think I handle pressure well but for some reason I got kind of giddy/nervous about shooting a football team that doesn't lose every game for three years. My initial thought was, "bring earplugs next time." It was extremely loud down on the field and it was chaos. So much happened and I was trying to get my bearings. I'm looking forward to the next game when I have a better idea of what to expect.

Agricultural Technology

During my first couple of weeks I got the chance to shoot the Agricultural Technology program at Virginia Tech. The two-year program is for students that decided to go to school after graduating high school, but chose not to attend a four-year university. Many are learning skills to take back to a farm.